A Day In World Largest Sea Beach Cox’s Bazar

A Day In World Largest Sea Beach
Cox’s Bazar
sudden plan and decided to spend a night beside beach, to feel the night cool breeze, sea wave sounds, 4 hours bus journey to cox’s bazar starting from Chittagong- “Bohoddarhaat Bus Terminal”. I was lucky, this time. since it was not a tourists season the beach was quite n city was calm…Hotels were non reserved. i started at at 2;30pm an got down at 8;30pm and took a tempo(local ride) to beach gate, it cost me only 15/-tk to ride tempo.
so finally ive reached to the beach and rented beach chair for 6 hours with 180/-tk ( 30tk per hour). i wrote earlier , i wanted to spend a night under the mighty sky near beach,
lot of good experience on the beach… meet new peoples , guides, family peoples. Bangladeshi peoples are very friendly. if foreigners wana visit cox’s bazar the must leave their beach suits n bikinis behind , because Bangladesh is very reserved and religious place, and we must respect their beliefs.
i have eaten  many local foods, but “chatpati’ & “Fuska” and fried and curried crabs and sea foods are main attractions, and the price is very good.
lot of wild dogs on the beach but if u feed them once they turn to your friend.. and i made one to company me .
more things are left to write , but i want all readers to try and to visit here and have rest of the experiences.


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